Tell the children Bridge Nikola 4.19.15 version

Tell The Children Bridge Nikola part 4.19.15


Nikola Bridge:                                                   Bridge: Renata

line 1-3 D Amin Emin D ; 4th to end: D amin C D

Told must live in this dark and unknown         You are coming of age tomorrow
Daddy’s little girl how you have grown    Your mother so proud you should know
All above is like stone, hard and still                Your chosen destiny to be filled
I’ll protect you darling sleep well               To serve and protect becomes  you well

Tell the children how it fell                      Tell the children to stay well
Is now called hell                                        Must keep  from hell
Tell the children how,                               Tell the children how
now is called hell                                     ( Darling ) sweet dreams sleep well


Copyright © lyrics & Music composition Terry R. Beardslee, 2014.  All rights reserved
Copyright © Music composition & lyrics Damon Alexander.2014.  All rights reserved

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