Moving Forward 

Hey All!

We’re nearly finished with the production of our first song (out of chronological story order) and our friend has helped us out buy launching a crowdfunding campaign here

We’ve raise $145 so far. With a few more contributions we’ll be able to produce our next song! If we can get three songs we’ll have an EP to start working towards getting this show on stage. Exciting stuff!

We’ll keep you updated. 


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Singing My Heart Out

Happy Sunday Friends and Fans!

We’re hard at work in the studio laying vocals for ‘All is Calm’. 

It’s definitely a workout. Getting into the music as you play guitar and sing on stage in front of a crowd is fairly intuitive, but fine tuning small sections and harmonies can be tricky without losing the natural feeling. Luckily Francisco at Bedclub Studios always gave me a lead in and even played some acoustic guitar to get the harmonies tight before recording. 

We’re looking forward to the final product. For those folks who contributed to our crowdfunding we’ll be sending out a private link to video, pics, and recording of the studio sessions as well as some rough cuts soon!

We’ll be posting another crowdfunding campaign shortly so can get the rest of our EP made and start working to get the project on stage. 

We’ll keep you updated. 

Keep rocking!

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Playing with Style

Hey folks,

As we push forward on production of All is Calm, we’re making some adjustments to style and phrasing on some of our other songs. ​​

In this video snippet is the chorus of Decisions, adjusted to fit with using power chords for the verse. We felt that the character calmly strumming and singing about people coming to kill him while he makes the split second decision whether to run didn’t quite work. 

It’s amazing what a few minor style changes can make, even when keeping the chord structure largely the same. 

We’ll keep you updated as we go!

Until next time, keep rocking. 

Damon and Terry

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Gone Country

Hey everyone,

While our first song has been recorded and is currently in the production process, we took a mini break from the rock opera to write a country song. First rough version Here.

Please join us this Sunday at Noon at Brick 15 for The Game with Cathryn B. There will be lots of great songwriters there!

We’ll continue to update everyone on how the production process is going. 

Thanks all!

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New Year, New Goals!

Hey all,

So we’re still learning about the marketing part of this all – not nearly as fun as the creative part, but still very important!

Please check out our videos on YouTube and share them with three friends!

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Hey all,

Our crowdfunding was a moderate success as we gained enough to produce one song of the three song EP. Thanks again to all those who contributed!

We now are in the process of making some decisions. 

In the new year we’ll be recording and producing our first song. Since we initially planned for three, we have to pick between Mesmerize and Times Are Changing. 

We’ll be working to produce the entire show over the next year. Do you have suggestions on which song we should star with? Let us know! Check them out on YouTube Mesmerize and Times Are Changing


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Pre Production

Hey Everyone,

A quick update. We’re in talks with some producers trying to get a feel for how the process works. Very promising so far. 

We’ll be starting a crowdfunding campaign shortly to get the Prgatory Falls album going, which we’ll use as a jumping point to eventually get the show on stage. 

The first song we plan to produce will actually be the second to last in the show story wise, All is Calm. It will have somewhat more of a Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb (David Gilmore) feel to it then it currently does, but otherwise our focus is to keep the story telling and song writing as the first priority. 

As many of you know you can add a lot of cool stuff to a song but if it’s not good on just acoustic guitar, not much will fix it. 

I’ll keep everyone updated as we go. 



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Cold Wind to . . San Diego?

One of the greats, Ian Anderson, formerly of Jethro Tull, will be coming to San Diego theater with an original rock opera about the band’s namesake who is known as the father of modern agriculture (by perfecting the horse drawn seed drill in 1701). 

The rock opera will weave hits from Jethro Tull into the story. 

The show will be coming to San Diego Theater in October 2016 and you can get your tickets Here

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Great (if strange) Inspirations

Hey all,

We’re still working hard on our rock opera, Purgatory Falls and are basically done with the rough recordings. Since we’re at the point where we’re looking to produce and possibly how we would put it on stage I thought I’d mention a rock opera that did an outstanding job as a stand alone album, on stage, and as a film. 

Repo : The Genetic Opera is about a futuristic dystopian society in which people do all sorts of extreme things in the name of fashion, and synthetic organs are available on a payment plan (you definitely don’t want to miss a payment – refer to the title of the opera). The film version has an incredibly talented cast including Anthony Stewart Head as the trigger man. 

If you think our society has gotten out of hand, or that your family situation is complicated, check this show out. It’s over the top and it will stick with you. 

 For those of you who think he’s familiar he was also Giles on Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the Joss Whedon television show, not the film) and absolutely rocked out on the musical episode titled,  Once More with Feeling.

Maybe we’ll luck out and Anthony Stewart Head will read this and want to be in our show. Until then, we’ll keep at it trying to make this thing a reality. 

Until next time,


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Hey friends,

It’s been 43 years (give or take a couple weeks) since the release of Pink Floyd- The Wall. This was in many ways Roger Waters’ Magnum Opus, and largely influenced the creation of Purgatory Falls song Repent. When writing this song I actually imagined church organs in the background in similar fashion to the Pomp and Circumstance feel of The Trial in The Wall Part 2.

For Pink Floyd, on the surface the song was a trial of the main character Pink by his own conscience, but it was also an indictment of all those who drove him to that point. Repent is on the surface, the leader of The Order, Cyril, forced to put his own granddaughter on trial for going against sacred law and disobeying his decree. It goes much deeper. While he is in charge he also clearly doesn’t want to sentence Agatha, but sees no other way out. He believes so firmly in the dogma that he believes he is doing the only reasonable thing. This song is not simply putting a young rebellious girl on trial, but the entire system which made her curiosity a crime. It is also a turning point for Nikola in which he realizes he can no longer stand by and allow events to unfold, but must choose a side. 

Ideas have power. Everyone must eventually make a choice and in the words of Rush, ‘If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.’

Until next time, keep creating and questioning. 

#anotherrockopera #purgatoryfalls

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