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Purgatory Falls

The Order’s rules are strict, their punishments harsh. The most heinous crime is to go against the will of The Order; the punishment, banishment to the hell above.

When Agatha comes of age she must decide if she has the courage to stand her ground when she knows society is wrong, and face banishment, or choose to conform.

What will she choose? Will her parents support her or go along with The Order?

Purgatory Falls is a three act, post-apocalyptic rock opera. Runtime about 90 minutes.

Book Story by: Damon Alexander

Adaption, Lyrics, and Music by: Terry Beardslee and Damon Alexander


Stefanie Goldstein is a classical singer, songwriter and recording artist with over 20 years of experience in various operas, choirs, church services, rock bands, recording projects, restaurant gigs and many other events.
I am thrilled to have been invited to be a part of this excellent project. Many thanks to Damon and Terry for this great opportunity.

Asaunta Maynard is proud to be from the Caribbean, born and raised on St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.  She loves to sing and jokes that she has been singing since she learned how to make noise. Collaborating with Damon and Terry in the role of Agatha has been a fun, new experience for her.”



Damon Alexander is a composer, writing  music for stage, vocal ensembles, movies, and video games.

I’ve wanted to create another rock opera for several years now. I hope you enjoy Purgatory Falls, a Post-Apocalyptic Rock Opera.

Terry Beardslee is a lyricist. You will find his lyrics in songs written for games, television, film, and individual artists.

I am  very excited to be working with Damon on the rock opera Purgatory Falls. Please have a look around and let us know what you think.


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