Mesmorize audition purpose

This is with Damon singing the part
(voice to further develop the women parts in the rock opera)

( music to record female voice over)

Modified by Music session 8.30.15
8.30.15 chords are hand written added words

Act 3 scene 1

Verse 1
A bright light shines straight ahead
But my, doubts make the darkness hard to leave
Thoughts turn to water food, and shelter
Wonder if above there’s air to breath
We go above armed with nothing but hope
As my eyes adjust the truth is revealed
Sun’s light for the first time hits our faces
My eyes open to a wild flower field
I am mesmerized, mesmerized,mesmerized

In the distance mountains with snow
See waves crash onto the shore
A lush forest full of the color green
Not a single sign of a long ago war
I run down to the water; it is clear
Splash the water see fish swim in a school
Watch the sun as it leaves the sky
Taste the water refreshing and cool
I am mesmerized, mesmerized,mesmerized

Verse 3
The moon and stars shine so bright
Crickets songs so peaceful and calm
Never again to be afraid in the darkness
As the sun repeats the breathtaking dawn
Seagulls fly and fill the blue sky
I start to sob; joyful tears fill my eyes
Dad, its true all before said for years a lie
Mesmerized by this surprise
I am mesmerized, mesmerized,mesmerized

I am mesmerized, mesmerized,mesmerized

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