My Influences

Morning Everyone,

I just wanted to talk briefly about a few of my influences for this project:

1. Pink Floyd, “The Wall” (1971).
Perhaps this has become cliche, and some would say this Is a concept album, not another rock opera. Either way, if you’re not already familiar, I recommend you become so. The internal struggle of the protagonist ‘Pink’ as he deals with his own demons and slowly alienates himself from everyone is amazing. The song’ “Repent” in act 1 of Purgatory Falls was largely inspired by the trial scene on side 2 of The Wall.

2. Styx, “Kilroy Was Here” (1983).
Again, many will say this is a concept album and not another rock opera. Regardless, over the top stage acting, robots taking everyone’s jobs, and a heavy metal revolution after rock ‘n’ roll is outlawed make this a solid story. Also it features some great bass / baritone vocals which is unfortunately infrequent in rock. (As a bass myself this forces me to transpose often).

3. Ludo, “Broken Bride” (2005).
This powerhouse of an album is only just over 27 minutes long, but if it doesn’t make you feel something, you have likely become some sort of zombie. Ludo delivers strong lyrics, amazing instrumentals, and a touching story of a man who travels back in time to save his wife. Speaking of zombies, this is the only album I know of in which zombies get a chorus part. In 2006 University of Chicago put on a stage adaption. You can check some of it out on YouTube.

That’s all for now, and this list is by no means exhaustive. If you have any other suggestions, hit me up and I’ll listen and review it.


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