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While we’re still working towards producing Purgatory Falls, we decided to take a bit of time for some world building. ‘My Heart isn’t Bulletproof’ is a song that won’t be included in the standard album, but takes place between Act

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Feel the Music!

Sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down in the technical details of recording, even to the point of losing your passion for your own art. That’s when you’ve got to set aside the frustration of the product and focus a

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Moving Forward 

Hey All! We’re nearly finished with the production of our first song (out of chronological story order) and our friend has helped us out buy launching a crowdfunding campaign here.  We’ve raise $145 so far. With a few more contributions

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Singing My Heart Out

Happy Sunday Friends and Fans! We’re hard at work in the studio laying vocals for ‘All is Calm’.  It’s definitely a workout. Getting into the music as you play guitar and sing on stage in front of a crowd is

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Playing with Style

Hey folks, As we push forward on production of All is Calm, we’re making some adjustments to style and phrasing on some of our other songs. ​​ In this video snippet is the chorus of Decisions, adjusted to fit with

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Gone Country

Hey everyone, While our first song has been recorded and is currently in the production process, we took a mini break from the rock opera to write a country song. First rough version Here. Please join us this Sunday at Noon

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New Year, New Goals!

Hey all, So we’re still learning about the marketing part of this all – not nearly as fun as the creative part, but still very important! Please check out our videos on YouTube and share them with three friends!

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Hey all, Our crowdfunding was a moderate success as we gained enough to produce one song of the three song EP. Thanks again to all those who contributed! We now are in the process of making some decisions.  In the

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Pre Production

Hey Everyone, A quick update. We’re in talks with some producers trying to get a feel for how the process works. Very promising so far.  We’ll be starting a crowdfunding campaign shortly to get the Prgatory Falls album going, which

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Cold Wind to . . San Diego?

One of the greats, Ian Anderson, formerly of Jethro Tull, will be coming to San Diego theater with an original rock opera about the band’s namesake who is known as the father of modern agriculture (by perfecting the horse drawn

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