Singing My Heart Out

Happy Sunday Friends and Fans!

We’re hard at work in the studio laying vocals for ‘All is Calm’. 

It’s definitely a workout. Getting into the music as you play guitar and sing on stage in front of a crowd is fairly intuitive, but fine tuning small sections and harmonies can be tricky without losing the natural feeling. Luckily Francisco at Bedclub Studios always gave me a lead in and even played some acoustic guitar to get the harmonies tight before recording. 

We’re looking forward to the final product. For those folks who contributed to our crowdfunding we’ll be sending out a private link to video, pics, and recording of the studio sessions as well as some rough cuts soon!

We’ll be posting another crowdfunding campaign shortly so can get the rest of our EP made and start working to get the project on stage. 

We’ll keep you updated. 

Keep rocking!

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