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Hey all, Our crowdfunding was a moderate success as we gained enough to produce one song of the three song EP. Thanks again to all those who contributed! We now are in the process of making some decisions.  In the

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Pre Production

Hey Everyone, A quick update. We’re in talks with some producers trying to get a feel for how the process works. Very promising so far.  We’ll be starting a crowdfunding campaign shortly to get the Prgatory Falls album going, which

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Cold Wind to . . San Diego?

One of the greats, Ian Anderson, formerly of Jethro Tull, will be coming to San Diego theater with an original rock opera about the band’s namesake who is known as the father of modern agriculture (by perfecting the horse drawn

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Great (if strange) Inspirations

Hey all, We’re still working hard on our rock opera, Purgatory Falls and are basically done with the rough recordings. Since we’re at the point where we’re looking to produce and possibly how we would put it on stage I

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Hey friends, It’s been 43 years (give or take a couple weeks) since the release of Pink Floyd- The Wall. This was in many ways Roger Waters’ Magnum Opus, and largely influenced the creation of Purgatory Falls song Repent. When

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Remembering Ziggy Stardust

It’s Been just over a month since David Bowie died, so I thought I’d take a moment to look back on a couple of his works.  A major influence on me growing up watching the Labyrinth (which I highly recommend, especially

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Welcoming Ciara

Hello All, We just keep adding more talent to this project!  I’d like to thank to Ciara, an amazing alto, for bringing new depth to the part of Agatha.  We’re incredibly  stoked to have her onboard at Anotherrockopera. For her

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