Great (if strange) Inspirations

Hey all,

We’re still working hard on our rock opera, Purgatory Falls and are basically done with the rough recordings. Since we’re at the point where we’re looking to produce and possibly how we would put it on stage I thought I’d mention a rock opera that did an outstanding job as a stand alone album, on stage, and as a film. 

Repo : The Genetic Opera is about a futuristic dystopian society in which people do all sorts of extreme things in the name of fashion, and synthetic organs are available on a payment plan (you definitely don’t want to miss a payment – refer to the title of the opera). The film version has an incredibly talented cast including Anthony Stewart Head as the trigger man. 

If you think our society has gotten out of hand, or that your family situation is complicated, check this show out. It’s over the top and it will stick with you. 

 For those of you who think he’s familiar he was also Giles on Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the Joss Whedon television show, not the film) and absolutely rocked out on the musical episode titled,  Once More with Feeling.

Maybe we’ll luck out and Anthony Stewart Head will read this and want to be in our show. Until then, we’ll keep at it trying to make this thing a reality. 

Until next time,


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