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It’s been 43 years (give or take a couple weeks) since the release of Pink Floyd- The Wall. This was in many ways Roger Waters’ Magnum Opus, and largely influenced the creation of Purgatory Falls song Repent. When writing this song I actually imagined church organs in the background in similar fashion to the Pomp and Circumstance feel of The Trial in The Wall Part 2.

For Pink Floyd, on the surface the song was a trial of the main character Pink by his own conscience, but it was also an indictment of all those who drove him to that point. Repent is on the surface, the leader of The Order, Cyril, forced to put his own granddaughter on trial for going against sacred law and disobeying his decree. It goes much deeper. While he is in charge he also clearly doesn’t want to sentence Agatha, but sees no other way out. He believes so firmly in the dogma that he believes he is doing the only reasonable thing. This song is not simply putting a young rebellious girl on trial, but the entire system which made her curiosity a crime. It is also a turning point for Nikola in which he realizes he can no longer stand by and allow events to unfold, but must choose a side. 

Ideas have power. Everyone must eventually make a choice and in the words of Rush, ‘If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.’

Until next time, keep creating and questioning. 

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